Blowing The Big Bucks

March 19, 2020 | Monk Vibe | Blog, Exhibitor, Trade Show Planning | Trade Show Budget Whether you’re an experienced exhibitor or its your first rodeo, there are plenty of ways to blow your budget. With the data that I

Mistakes Exhibitors Make For A Trade Show

1. "I Need To Have A Big Booth Space" If you are a small company that is exhibiting a trade show for the first time, you might be asking yourself, “how big of a booth space should I have?” Ideally,

Trade Show Presence: Lead Generation

Be Ahead of The Game As you start your business and continue to grow, you’ll find yourself at the next step. Asking yourself “How can I stand out on the trade show floor?” Luckily, for generations after generations, every year

Top 12 Trade Shows In 2020

1. Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE)             What is TPE? Tobacco Plus Expo was awarded and nominated as top 50 fastest growing trade show by Trade Show Executive’s. The First B2B (Business to Business) buying show of

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