Monster Vape Labs and Hempcy Booth ECC 2019


Working with Monster Vape Labs and Hempcy, we created a custom 40’x50’x trade show booth with certain elements you can’t miss. Minor details that gives this booth a modern and clean look.

One of the focusing point is the layout. With (5) 10ft wide x 8ft height backlit walls, we were able to compliment each wall color  based off each other. Displaying a 5ft wide x 16ft Height backlit towers at each corner allowed us to enclosed the booth. Enough to create an small open room. TV mounts are applied to the backlit towers to gain customer attraction. The booth also comes with 4ft LED backlit counters with internal shelving for keeping your products secured. And lastly but not all, their squared hanging banner which is very popular in the trade show industry. Hanging banners are a standard accessory to trade show because of how easily visible it makes your company. To top it all off we made custom print floor stickers to grab the attendees eyes as they walk in.


Monster Vape Labs and Hempcy at ECC 2019



Ontario, California

August 2019

Booth Size:

40' x 50'


  • 10′ W x 8′ H Backlit Walls
  • 4′ LED Backlit Counters w/ Internal Shelving
  • 5′ W x 5′ L x 16′ H LED Backlit Towers with TV Mounts
  • 15′ W x 15′ L x 4′ Hanging Banner
  • Custom Print Floor Stickers 

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