Superb Trade Show Booth at TPE Las Vegas


Superb is right! This booth looks superb in every way. There are many pieces about this booth that makes this trade show booth amazing. To start off, their 16ft wide x 4ft long x 8ft high panel storage room. This storage room consists of RGB down lighting cubbies with lockable doors, custom acrylic logo with RGB back-lighting and better yet a custom logo cut out for a TV to display their products! To add on, their 16ft LED backlit counter looks amazing with their wooden top counter along with their UV backlit printed logo. These individual display cases are different than your average display cases. It’s a 20in x 20in x 42in acrylic pedestal display with RGB up lighting. And lastly, their flooring is one of a kind. It is a 20ft x 20ft raised bamboo flooring, that’s right bamboo flooring! As if this booth can’t get any better!

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client.


Superb and Papercrane CBD at Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE)



Las Vegas, Nevada

February 2019

Booth Size:

20' x 20'


  • 16′ W x 4′ D x 8′ H Panel Storage Room
    • RGB Down Lighting Cubbies
    • Lockable Door
    • Custom Logo Cut Out For TV 
    • Custom Acrylic Logo with RGB Back-Lighting 
  • 16′ LED Backlit Counter w/ Lockable Doors and Internal Shelving
  • 20″ x 20″ x 42″ H Acrylic Pedestal Display with RGB Up Lighting 
  • 20′  x 20′ Raised Bamboo Flooring

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