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our specialty.

One of Monk Vibe’s specialities are trade show displays. We will design, produce, set up and manage from start to finish. Monk Vibe is a worldwide company who is able to store and ship your trade show displays to any location. 

Our process is smooth and easy allowing you to focus on what’s best, growing your business. We are able to design, produce, and ship trade show displays to your upcoming show. Next, our team can be ready to set up and break down your booth. Last, your trade show displays will be packaged, shipped and/or stored in one of our warehouses. We can repeat these steps for future shows. In the end, our goal is to provide convenience for you! 

step 1.

initial call

Monk Vibe wants to know you and your vision for your perfect trade show displays. Based on your interests and questions, we will go over the different options with you. Once we have finalized what you’re looking for, then we will move on to the creative process.

step 2.

creative process & designing

1. Designing Graphic

Second step is to use images provided by you or images created by us for your back walls, counters, and banners. You can provide your own images or our team can design images for you. 

2. 3D Rendering

If you used your own images, then we will forward you a 3D rendering of your trade show displays. We will ask you to place your images in the desire spots of your displays.

3. Proofing

In the end, we will proof and complete all graphics in your 3D rendering.

step 3.


1. Printing

Leave this step to us! We will print all graphics that was either submitted by you or created by Monk Vibe. We can also print promotional products like business cards and banners.

2. Hardware Construction

We will produce all hardware materials for your counters and back wall of your trade show displays. 

step 4.

the show

1. Ship To Show

Your trade show displays and graphics are now completed. We will package and ship it to any location. 

2. Install Trade Show Displays

Next step is to set up your booth. Our team can set up your trade show displays. If you decide to set it up yourself, then there will be instructions to help guide  you. This step is optional. 

3. Breaking Down Booth

If we installed your displays then we will also break down your displays. Our goal is to have you show up and exhibit. 

4. Packaging

After we break down your booth, we will then package your booth the same way it came. Again, this step is optional.

step 5.


1. Shipping

The fifth and final step! Your trade show displays are now packaged and shipped to your next show! 

2. Organizing & Storage

In conclusion, you’ve had a successful show and you’re scheduled for another show soon. Your trade show displays can store in one of our warehouses until we need to ship it out again! 

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