BLAQ Tradeshow Booth


This is a versatile trade show booth that can be down sized from a 10×20 to a 10×10 booth. The materials used to create this back wall and counter are aluminum frames with acrylic components. These aluminum frames are engraved around the perimeter to push in UV backlit graphics for a tight and smooth finish. The UV backlit graphics are stretch fabric material with silicone edges to keep the graphics snugged. Both the back wall and counter are backlit meaning they include internal LED lights to shine against the graphics to give these images a brighter look. For extra storage, the counter includes an acrylic shelf that is sturdy and spacious. 

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client.




October 2015

Booth Size:

10' x 20' & 10' x 10'


  • 8’H x 10’W Backlit Extrusion
  • 6′ Counter w/ Backlighting & Shelving
  • 8’H x 20’W Backlit Extrusion
  • 18′ Counter w/ Backlighting & Shelving

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