Top 12 Trade Shows In 2020

            What is TPE? Tobacco Plus Expo was awarded and nominated as top 50 fastest growing trade show by Trade Show Executive’s. The First B2B (Business to Business) buying show of the year, held January 29-31, 2020 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. With entrepreneurs all around the world, TPE will help retailers open new business thru all retail sectors, Premium Tobacconists, vape shops, discounted products, and much more. With hundreds of exhibitors displaying (or showcasing) thousands of products.


Champs Trade Show is a B2B (Business to Business), wholesale convention catering to the smoke shop industry since 1999. Every year hundreds of exhibitors meet in person with thousands of retail and consumers from all over the world. Champs Trade Shows hosts five trade shows annually. With two events in Las Vegas in winter and summer, they as well host in Atlantic City, Denver and Chicago. Champs exhibitors offers a unique selection of smoking accessories, weed products, distributor, manufactures, and much more. At each show, Champs has a competition (Champs Glass Games), where it showcases artist’s raw talent in a live glass blowing contest to compete for $160,000 in cash and prizes.


          Never heard of Comsoprof? Cosmoprof is the world’s biggest B2B trade show in the beauty industry. Every year at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, people from all over the world come to display their products and promote the brand. With over 40,000 attendees and a record breaking 1,415 exhibitors from 56 countries. Most consumers discover unique brands, product, relationships with professionals, and much more in the 3-day event, held under one roof showcasing all sectors of the beauty industry.



        High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s most well-known cannabis trade show and caters to states that have passed medical marijuana laws. This world-famous show takes place 5 or 6 times a year, in 6 different cities: Michigan, Seattle, San Francisco, Amsterdam, And Los Angeles and has been doing so for the pass 27 years, since 1988. At the weed convention, you can find expert judges vote on best Indica, sativa, concentrates, edibles and CBD products. Not only does the expo promote weed but best glass/materials and best booth.




           For over the years, USA CBD EXPO strive to create the best and biggest CBD/Hemp convention in the nation, and they have succeeded. With its consistency of getting 300+ vendors and 500+ brands, the trade show offers the most innovative and products to business and consumers. Here at USA CBD EXPO all retailers are committed to showing their passion for CBD/Hemp industry more than just sales.







           Consumer Technology Association represents $401 billion U.S. consumer in the technology industry. Grabbing attention from all over the world, business leaders and critical thinkers come to a forum to discuss the industry’s most relevant issue. For 50 years, CES trade show is served as a proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technology. There are about 4,500 exhibitors displaying self-driving cars, smart cities/homes, drones/robotic, AI, and much more. Every year thousands of new products have been announced, which many include products that have transformed our day to day life.







                      Every two years, the world’s leading trade show, Light + Building showcases retailers in the field of lighting, electrical engineering and building automation. They offer the best possible opportunity to present their latest innovations and products. With more than 2,700 exhibitors from 55 different countries all proving their product is the next biggest invention in front of 220,000 attendees. It sets the competition very high and everyone product is very unique with a different purpose.