Cuttwood 30×90 Tradeshow Booth


This 30ft x 90ft trade show booth can be a peninsula or an island booth. The design features a 90ft wide custom wood panel back wall with laminated graphics throughout the wall. We installed (3) TV brackets spaced out on the wall to make it visible to display products for the attendees.  For the counters, Monk Vibe produced a 30ft wide custom wood counter. To personalize the counter, we added laminated graphics to the front of the counter. The counter also includes storage with lockable doors making it exclusive for the team. This 30ft x 90ft booth is perfect to get creative by adding a lounge area and having amazing showcase pieces due to the amount of space that is provided. 

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client. 




June 2015

Booth Size:

30' x 90'


  • 90′ W Custom Panel Backwall
    • TV Brackets 
    • Storage Section
    • Laminated Graphics
  • 30′ W Custom Counter
    • Wood and Graphic Laminated
    • Lockable Doors

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