Drip Origins Tradeshow Booth


A 20×20 trade show booth doesn’t have to be complex for it to be a show stopper. This design is clean and easily recognizable. Monk Vibe printed and installed (2) 10ft tube stretch fabric displays to promote different products or brands. At the center of this booth is an 8ft counter, long enough to display promotional products. This counter includes backlights and shelves. There are (2) couches and (2) tables to give attendees a spot to sit and lounge. Lastly, making it it’s own section, we added a 20×20 softwood flooring. 


Drip Origins


October 2015

Booth Size:

20' & 20'


  • 10′ Tube Stretch Fabric Displays
  • 8′ Counter w/ Backlighting & Shelving
  • Softwood Flooring

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