Fresh Tradeshow Booth


There are many creative possibilities for a 10×20 trade show booth. A 10×20 booth has enough space to promote more products and have a lounge area to network with potential customers. You can give your attendees a walk in experience, making your booth exclusive. Another possibility is having an eye catching 8ft tall x 20ft wide LED backlit extrusion. Perfect to attract your customers by promoting your brand and making it easily visible for your customers to know who you are. Having (2) 6ft counters with backlight and shelves will give you plenty of storage and display space for your products and promotional items. For more exclusivity, add softwood flooring to layout a section and separating you from the other booths. Monk Vibe’s flooring comes in different colors and materials to fit any booth design.  

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client.




May 2016

Booth Size:

10' x 20'


  • 8’H x 20’W LED Backlit Extrusion
  • 6′ Counter w/ Backlighting & Shelving
  • Softwood Flooring

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