Juice Roll Upz 30×30 Tradeshow Booth


Are you planning on exhibiting a show to increase brand awareness? Create a booth like this to get consumers talking. This 30ft x 30ft pavilion consists of a 30ft x 30ft x 12 ft truss with a mesh tarp. The durability of this truss is perfect for indoor and outdoor events. There are (8) 5ft x 10ft backlit extrusion back walls for UV backlit graphics to promote your brand. To display and store products, we installed (4) 4ft backlit LED counters that have acrylic counter tops and acrylic shelves. 

To add on to branding, we created (4) 3ft x 10ft backlit towers and placed them at each corner of this truss. Within this 30×30 trade show booth, there is a lounge section for attendees to hang out. We decided to use a 30×30 softwood foam flooring because of its flexibility to mold to the grass. Overall, every part of this booth makes this booth stand out especially at night due to all backlit graphics. 

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client.


Juice Roll Upz


December 2016

Booth Size:

30' x 30'


  • 5′ W x 10′ H Backlit Extrusions
  • 4′ Backlit LED Counters w/ Internal Shelving
  • 8′ Backlit LED Counters w/ Internal Shelving
  • 3′ W x 10′ H Backlit Towers
  • 30′ x 30′ x 12′ Truss
  • 30×30 Softwood Foam Flooring
  • Lounge Seating

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