Saveur Vape and Jazzy Boba Vape Showcase 2019


Are you looking for a bolder, more sophisticated trade show booth? This 10ft x 20ft booth showcases 12ft LED backlit counters with black acrylic counter tops giving these counters a sophisticated appearance. It includes internal shelves and sliding doors, perfect to store promotional products. We produced custom UV backlit graphics with silicone edges for the counters and the 20ft backlit extrusion wall. This extrusion wall is double-sided making it possible to promote two brands at once. It is made with aluminum extrusions with aluminum footers to make this wall high quality and sturdy. This trade show booth is your perfect 10ft x 20ft booth. 

*Monk Vibe handled all show logistics, set up and break down for this client. 


Saveur Vape and Jazzy Boba at Vape Showcase 2019



Houston, Texas

June 2019

Booth Size:

10' x 20'


  • 20′ W x 10′ H Backlit Extrusion Wall
  • 12′ LED Backlit Counter w/ Internal Shelving and Sliding Doors

Looking to add your logo on promotional products?

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