Taboo E-Liquid Tradeshow Booth at ECC Pomona


Taboo E-Liquid looking amazing with their bright, radiant displays. Sometimes bright colors is all you need to get your consumers attention.  With these bright colors, we’ve printed it on UV backlit graphics to use internal LED lights to enhance the images even more. Their extrusion back wall and LED towers are backlit giving these LED lights their time to shine. Also, we added 6ft acrylic display counters with custom printed stretch fabric. We also created custom dark softwood foam flooring. 


Taboo E-Liquid



Pomona, California

February 2018

Booth Size:

20' x 20'


  • 20′ W x 8′ H Backlit Extrusion Back Wall
  • 6′ Acrylic Display Counters / Stretch Fabric
  • 3′ W x 3′ L x 8′ LED Backlit Towers
  • 15′ W x 4′ H Circle Hanging Banner
  • 20×20 Softwood Foam Flooring

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