The Drip Club Tradeshow Booth


Monk Vibe has created a 10ft x 20ft modular booth that is spacious enough for traffic flow. The 4ft counters are placed apart for consumers to walk in and around to browse for products. On the custom 20ft x 8ft tall extrusion wall is a tv mount and shelves. This back wall is a great way to showcase products through the TV or placing products in its built in shelves. For flooring, we used a 10 x 20 softwood foam flooring. 


The Drip Club



Las Vegas, Nevada

January 2018

Booth Size:

10' x 20'


  • Custom 20′ W x 8′ H¬†Extrusion Wall with TV Mount and Shelves
  • 4′ Counters w/ Internal Shelving
  • 10×20 Softwood Foam Flooring

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